AmpFibian is Amperi from the planet Amperia.He is Zac`s fifth 14 year old alien and his fith Andramada Galxy.Zac first used this form whan Ra`ad got into the Ultimatrix and locked out all the other aliens so Zac had to use AmpFibian to fight Aggregor.The Ultimatrix Scanned the Amperi DNA from Ra`ad.Like all the other Andramada Galxy Aliens AmpFibian controls a basic element(AmpFibian cotrols Eletricity)

AmpFibian age 14(now)


  • Can shoot Green Lightning from his tintacals.
  • He can turn his entire body into electricy and the traval threw eletrical wires
  • can Lavate
  • Can swim at extramly fast speeds
  • Can become intangibe at will
  • Can fly
  • having no bones AmpFibian can fit into extramly small spaces
  • Can Absorb Electricty
  • Can read the minds of others
  • Can Breath Both on Land and Under Water
  • Can Make a Electric Force Field around Himself

Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eyes instead of normel bue
  • Green electricty instead of normel light blue
  • Ultimatrix Symbol