Anodyne is the home planet of the Anodites (Ex. Verdona).Anodyne is a planet entirely made out of pure mana, the very essence of life and magic. This planet is populated by a species of energy beings known as Anodites. Being made of pure life energy, Anodites have a much longer lifespan than humans, probably immortal, as well as the power and ability to alter and control mana (magic appears to be one form of this control and manipulation). Free-spirited by nature, Anodites rarely involve themselves in the matters of physical beings, but have been known to help a few people over time. It is thought that since the Anodites are energy beings, that Anodyne is not composed of solid rock and matter but rather is similar to a gas/energy giant-like world like Jupiter and Saturn. Anodyne has two rings surrounding it, the rings are likely being made of pure mana as well.

Later, Charmcaster explains to Gwen that all of the magic and mana in the entire universe flows from the interdimensional world of Ledgerdomain (which is one of the many interdimensional realms of magic and mana) to all other worlds and planets which means that Anodyne itself was formed from the magic and mana that flows through Ledgerdomain.