Armodrillo is a Talpaedan from the planet Terraexcava.Armodrillo was Zac`s 4th 14 year old alien and 4th Andramada Galaxy Alien.Zac first used this from to help Catian Nimisis fight Computron from dimension 12.the Ultimatrix Scaned Armodrillo`s DNA off of Andras.Like the other Andramada Galaxy Aliens Armodrillo controls a Basic Element(Armodrillo controls Earth)

Armodrillo age 14(Now)


  • Super Strong
  • Can Dig Super Fast
  • Can retract his hands and can touch his arms to a surface and make Tremors(he can also do this without retracting his hands)
  • Can make Earth Quacks(Strong enough to knock down a building)
  • Sharp Claws

Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eyes instead of normel white
  • Ultimatrix Symbol