Eye Guy is a Opticoid from the planet Sightra,Eye Guy was Zac`s 7th 10 year old additional alien,Zac 1st turned into Eye Guy to fight Dr.Animo when he was going to blow his DNA bomb.
Eye Guy age 10

Eye Guy age 10

Eye Guy

Eye Guy age 13/14(now)

Advantages and Abilities

  • Can project energy blasts from the many eyes on his body
  • Enhanced agility
  • has 360-degree vision
  • Can merge all eyes into the one on its chest to create an immensely powerful energy blast
  • Merging 3 eyes on his shoulder, he can shoot a freezing beam
  • The eye on his chest can shoot the most lightning of all single eyes
  • Has large ears, so can hear very well
  • Can stick to walls

Disadvantages and Weaknesses

  • Bright Flashes of light can temporarily blind him.