Ghostfreak is a Ectonurite from the Planet Anur Phaetos,he was Zac`s 10th Transformation,Zac first used this form to escape from his Aunt Vera`s house
Ghostfreak age 10

Ghostfreak age 10


Ghostfreak age 15(now)


  • Ghostfreak has the ability to be intangible (move through solid matter) at will
  • He also can become invisible at will
  • Can float
  • He has telepathic and telekinetic abilities
  • His eye can be moved along a track traced along his skin
  • He can peel back his skin to reveal a large mass of tentacles
  • Can posses other sentient beings
  • Cause people to shiver when he phases through them
  • His tentacles are prehensile
  • In the darkness of space, Ghostfreak becomes larger and more powerful,and his
  • His tentacles can fire Dark Blue beams
  • Has vary sharp claws in his non-sun shielded from
  • Can survive in a vacuum


  • Certain chemicals can nullify his invisibility and intangibility
  • Compared to the other aliens, he is not as strong
  • Without his protective layer of skin, Ghostfreak is extremely photosensitive. Direct light, as well as other devices that can project ultraviolet radiation, will burn him when his protective layer of skin is removed. Enough exposure causes him to combust and die.

Omnitrix/Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eye instead of normel pink
  • Secondary potictive layer of skin
  • Omnitrix/Ultimatrix Symbol