Nanomech is a Nanomectron from Nanomechia,Nanomech was Zac`s 2nd 14 Year old additional alien,The Omnitrix absorbed the Nanomectron DNA during their attempted invasion of Earth,Zac 1st turned into Nanomech to fight the Nanomectron Queen

Nanomech age 15(now)


  • can Fly at high speeds (like a Bee)
  • He is 1 Millimeter tail(Normally)
  • Can Shrink to Microscopic size
  • Can Grow to 6 feet tall
  • Can produce wire-like tentacles from his back
  • Can fire green electricity from the tentacles and his hands
  • Can Shoot Green Energy Blasts from his hands
  • Is Extremely Adaptive(Like can grow new body parts or get new abilities instantly if a situation calls for it)
  • Can take over people's minds
  • He is noticeably more humanoid than the other Nanomectron(possibly an Omnitrix modification),and The Queen said he was stronger.
  • Can Duplicate into a unlimited amount of perfect copies
  • Can Mentally Control all the clones
  • Can Combine with his clones(and make stuff like giant humanoid blobs,Flying Swarms,and Solid objects like Baseball sized flying balls,Car,or House sized rolling balls(sometimes they have Spikes),and Giant Saw-like Rolling blades)
  • Can absorb any of his Clones


  • The Nanomectron Queen can attempt to control him.

Omnitrix/Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eye instead of normel yellow
  • Green wires instead of normel yellow
  • Green wings instead of normel Yellow
  • Green electricty instead of normel yellow
  • More Humanoid apperance
  • Omnitrix/Ultimatrix Symbol