Prototype Omnimatrix (Omnitrix) is an alien device which is attached to Zac's wrist
Omnitrix age 10

Prototype Omnitrix skin option 1


Prototype Omnitrix skin option 2

Creator: Azmuth


 1.To promote inter-species understanding by allowing other beings to experience different ways of life.

 2.Repository for the DNA of over a million different intelligent species.

Previous Models: 1. Unimatrix

Following Models: 1. Ultimate Omnimatrix

                 2. Omnimatrix 

Technology Level: 20


1. Green - Active Mode
    a.Ready for Use.

2. Red - Recharge Mode 

    a. If Omnitrix is Used for to long it will shut down and enter this mode.

3. Yellow - Scan/Capture Mode 
    a. If the Omnitrix comes in contact with a "Life Code" sample of a species already in the Primus database in will enter Scan Mode and Unlock that Alien Form. 
    b. If the Omnitrix detects a Species that is not in the Primus database nearby it will enter Scan Mode and Scan that Species into the Primus Database and Unlock that Alien Form 
    c. If the Omnitrix gets Hacked and a Alien Escapes from it the Omnitrix will enter Capture Mode and reabsorb that alien when it is nearby. 

4. White - Malfunctioning
    a. Ready for Use
    b. May Glitch alot

5. Blue - Recalibration Mode

    a. Resets
       aa. Locks all Alien Forms

       ab. Reunlocks 1 Random Playlist
       ac. Randomly Changes Skin
       ad. Randomly Changes Display Mode  

6. Orange - Self Destruct Mode

7. Purple - Controlled by an Outside Source.

8. Grey - Deactivated

    a. Not Useble 

9. Black - Stop Mode

    a. Off

10. Pink - Under the Affects of a Magic Spell.


1. Connection to Primus - Every so often The Omnitrix will connect to The Condon Stream Database on Primus so it can recevie stuff like new "software updates".

2. "Life Code" Alteration - Through the use of Nanomachines the Omnitrix rewrites the user's "Life Code" (in Zac's Case his DNA) and transforms them into one of the 1,000,910 "Life Code" samples. In order for the user to change size, matter is created from energy or reconstituted to energy as needed.

2. Display Modes

    a. Black Silioetes of Aliens

    b. Green Hologrames of Aliens
    c. Color Hologrames of Aliens
    d. Green Group Hologram
    e. Color Group Hologram
    f. Green Group Silioete Wheel

3.Alters Size and Shape to fit the Wearer

4. Can Alter Users Clothing to Fit Alien Forms,and/or Break down users clothing and store them.(depends on Perfernce Settings


6.Voice Commande

7.Makes Wearer immune to some Negative effects(Examples: Ectonurite Possasion, Corrdium Radiation, Dr.Animos Mutant ray)

8. Defenseive Feedback Pulse

9. Artificial Intelligence

10. Thought Control (Only if the User Cocentrates really hard)

11. Alien Species Database

12. Holographic Map

13. Communication System

14. Universal Translator

15. Teleportation Device

16. Able to Repair Genatic Damage

17. Can send out a Pulse that Rewrites the "Life Code" of an Entire Species.

18. Prefernce Settings:

     a. Eye Color 
        aa. Natural Color for the Species
        ab. Green
     b. Clothing
        ba. Users Altered Clothing
        bb. None
        bc. Natural Clothing for the Species
     c. Omnitrix Placement
        ca. Random placement
        cb. On Center of Chest

Unlocked Alien Forms:

Playlist 1

 1. Heatblast
 2. Wildmutt
 3. Diamondhead
 4. XLR8
 5. Grey Matter
 6. Fourarms
 7. Stinkfly
 8. Ripjaws
 9. Upgrade
 10. Ghostfreak

Playlist 2

 11. Cannonbolt
 12. Wildvine
 13. Zacwolf
 14. Zacmummy
 15. Zacvicktor

 16. Upchuck

 17. Ditto
 18. Eye Guy
 19. Way Big
 20. Eon

Playlist 3

21. Feedback
22. Swampfire
23. Echo Echo
24. Humungousaur
25. Jetray
26. Big Chill

27. Chromastone
28. Brainstorm
29. Spidermonkey
30. Goop

Playlist 4

31. Alien X
32. Lodestar
33. Nanomech
34. Rath