Ultimate Swampfire
Ultimate Swampfire

Ultimate Swampfire age 15(now)

Ultimate Swampfire is an Evolved Methanosian from the planet Methanos

Zac 1st truned into Ultimate Swampfire to fight Vilgax when his ship was about to explode.Ultimate Swampfire was the 1st Ultimate Alien Zac Truned into.

After evolution,Swmapfire now has a more wood-like form with three blue gooey shells containing highly flammable organic blue gell that Ultimate Swampfire shoots.his flames are also twice as hot so they are now blue

Advantages & Abilities

  • Can Shoot fire balls and flame throwers from his hands(2 times as powerful as normal Swampfire)
  • Can manipulate nearby plants with his mind or a special gas that he can Spray from his palms(2 times better then normal Swampfire)
  • Can regenerate from most damage(making him nearly impervious to physical harm)(2 times as well as normal Swampfire)
  • Super strength(2 times stronger then normal Swampfire)
  • Can tunnel underground(2 times as good as normal Swampfire)
  • Can root himself in the ground to gain leverage ( 2 times as good as normal Swampfire)
  • the Gas he can spray from his palms is flammable so he can blow it up in a fiery explosion with 1 of his fire blasts(2 times as powerful as normal Swampfire)
  • Can make a Fire Tornado
  • Can shoot a streak of fire across the ground
  • can hit the ground hard enough to make a shock wave
  • can make a explosion
  • Can grow plants out of his body(ex:vines)