Wes is your typical Cole MacGrath ripoff who plays himself, rides his sister, drinks man milk, and sometimes kills himself And goes to hell. When he gains that ability to control cum elecrtity, he finds that being a ripoff is trickier than he ever imagined.But no matter what stupid power Wes discovers, he's still the souless yet retarded 14-year-old inside.

Wes age 12

Wes X

Wes age 14(now)

ripoff name: Wes McGruth

Current power level: 1.337 Volts

powaz and ablitrees

After a Summer Camping Trip with his newly Stupid Powered Best Friend Zac, Zac`s newly slutty Powered Cousin Gwen, Zac's grandpa's ballsack and Gwen`s giant sexy butt, Wes gets a new job a butt massager and gets the Shock of his whole goddamn life when someone really specal requests him to dilver his package and after fondling it for about 20 minutes gets a phone call telling him to open the package their he finds his dick that then Explodes leveing Wes unconsies yet uninguered later Wes Wakes up in a large pool of cum on his way geting out of the pool he get zapped with eletricty running through the cum but it dosnt hurt him,after Wes gets back home he finds out that a light blub explodes when he shoves it up his ass,over the cours of about 3 years Wes finds that he has enhanced strength,durability.speed,and longerivity along with a varity of electrocumetic, electrocumhic,and Electrocumnetic powers and a really small dick.

For a Full list of Wes`s cum abilities see Wes`s dick