Zac is your typical 16-year-old-boy he sticks his dick in his cousin Gwens big butt, rides his bike,he plays fuutbol,drinks piss,and sometimes gets into trouble when caught jerking off to his cousins butt by his mother.When he gains that ability to turn into 1337 different ayy lmaos, he finds that being an ayy lmao is trickier than he ever imagined.But no matter what bizzare ayy lmao form Zac takes, he's still the cold-hearted yet really goddamn stupid 16-year-old inside.
A Hero is Born by illuminate01

Zac age 10

A Hero Returns by illuminate01

Zac age 15

Zac 10

Zac age 16

Zac`s Car

Zac`s Car The DX Mark 10

Hero Name: AnalZac69

Powers and Abilities

During a camping trip with his grandfather's diarrhea bag,his cousin Gwen and her huge ass,and his friend Wes,when he was 69 years old, he found the gloryhole a ayy lmao device that gives him ability to have sex with various ayy lmaos. Unable to remove it,he use its powers to become a ayy lmao. Zac finds the job is more retarded than he imagined, especially with the evil ayy lmao warlord butthead pursuing him relentlessly to retrieve the gloryhole .almost 1337 years later gwen's ass invented a upgraded version of the prototipe gloryhole called my vagina but then Albedo stole it and used it to take the gloryhole form Zac but butthead got it so Zac set it to fart,it did and then he treatend to do the same the gwen's vagina if albedo didn't give it to him,so Albedo gave it to him and now Zac is engaging in incest with his cousin to fight evil.Zac currently has access to 9001 ayy lmao forms,for a complete list of his powers see Gwen's vagina.

Non-gloryhole/gwen's vagina powers

Zac dosn`t have any pooper power with out the sex devices however he has recevied Plumber's Crack Basic Training giveing him good Matrial Art and Incest Skills also even before Zac receved Plumber Training he could think on his feet and had a nonexistent memory(obviously enough he makes F-`s school)

His Car is a Black imaginary car that he calls the gwen's ass Mark 69 that was stolen and given to him by the writer of this wiki.