Zacvicktor is a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl,Zacvicktor was Zac`s 5th 10 year old additional alien form ,Zacvicktor was unlocked when Doctor Vicktor touched the Omnitrix,and Zac 1st turned into Zacvicktor to fight Zs`Skayr on the Space Station
Zacvicktor age 10

Zacvicktor age 10


Zacvicktor age 13/14(now)

Advantages & Abilities

  • Can generate green electricity
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Can magnetize metal objects, such as his metal body parts to attach to metallic surfaces
  • Can enhance his body with machines by programming it into his system
  • Can survive in a vacuum

Disadvantages & Weaknesses

  • Unknown

Omnitrix/Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eyes instead of normel purple
  • Green Bolt lines instead of normel Purple
  • Black Pants and Boots
  • Metal Belt
  • Green Electricty instead of normel purple
  • Omnitrix/Ultimatrix Symbol